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The Gamers novels all began with a short story, "Game Plan", which was published in Trust Me!, an anthology edited by Paul Collins. The novel Gamers' Quest was based on this story.

For the follow-up anthology, Trust Me Too, George wrote a spin-off story called "Gamers' Inferno".

After writing the first novel, George wanted to return to the short story format before writing the second and third novels. The results are these two stories about characters who appear in Gamers' Quest.

George says:

I would highly recommend reading Gamers' Quest before these stories, as they both give away plot points important to the novel.

The first story, "The Ruby’s Red Glow", takes place prior to the events in the novel. You may remember that in Chapter 5, Tark and Zyra’s treasure chest contained, amongst other things, three rubies. Well, I started wondering how they acquired those rubies. When I came to writing Gamers' Challenge, I ended up using one of the new characters from this story in that novel.

The second story, "At Your Service", is set during the events of Gamers' Quest and is the result of me wondering how two particular characters met one another.

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