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Gamers' Rebellion


Creative Kids Tales, July 2013, Georgie Donaghey:

"To place yourself, even for a minute, in the world George Ivanoff has created is mind blowing."

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Pass It On, #444, June 2013, Robyn L Donoghue:

"This is a tense, action packed book; its subplot has a brilliance that sneaks up on you. While Tark and Zyra deal with space/time shifts; games within games; hidden doors; endless passageways; secret areas; battles and challenges, they are learning the meaning of true existence."


Aussie Reviews, 24 June 2013, Claire Saxby:

"The action zips between worlds with jet-propelled speed, tension rising with each world-crossing. … There are plenty of topics to generate classroom discussion eg ethics, moral responsibility, even the notion of what constitutes ‘life’ and ‘living’."

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The Compulsive Reader, June 2013, Jenny Mounfield:

"It really does have everything: mind-bendingly awesome gadgets, characters you can’t help but care about and even a side-order of romance. But more than that this story, while deceptively simple on the surface, challenges readers to consider the big questions regarding our existence. What exactly is reality? Are our gods merely game designers? Did the universe give rise to consciousness, or did consciousness create the universe? Allowed to have my way, I would put these books at the top of every school’s reading list."

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Mortal Words, 21 June 2013, Narrelle M Harris:

"The Gamers books are fast-paced, character-driven adventures full of humour, excitement and unexpected resolutions to thorny problems. But they are also about breaking out of conformity and becoming yourself: engaging and important concepts for readers of any age, not simply the young readership at whom the books are aimed."

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Buzz Words Books, 17 June 2013, Francine Sculli:

"Gamers’ Rebellion, is just as fast-paced and as meaning driven as its predecessors. Filled with strong insights into the human mind and touching on the essence of humanity and the values of trust, friendship, truth and identity that drove through the trilogy, this book is a gripping and touching futuristic look at what it means to be human."

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Gamers' Challenge


Herald Sun Weekend:

"This exciting story by Melbourne father of two George Ivanoff will appeal to kids aged 11 and over who love their computer games. Verdict: Game on"

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The Great Raven, 24 Dec 2011, Sue Bursztynski:

"I believe this one is even better than the first, unlike to many sequels; there’s plenty of adventure, as well as humour..."

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Buzz Words, Issue 115, 15 Sept 2011, Francine Sculli:

"George Ivanoff has given us an excellent and engrossing read with Gamers' Challenge and one can only hope that an equally engrossing third installment will follow!"


Aurealis Xpress, Sept 2011, Lachlan Huddy:

"an enjoyably inventive tale that shakes the dust off fantasy cliches."


The Compulsive Reader, Jenny Mounfield:

"This story has the heart of Shakespeare, the soul of The Matrix, and is what Tron could have been with a little more imagination."

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ReadPlus, Pat Pledger:

"... a very exciting, action packed story that is sure to appeal to people who love playing computer games or those who love science fiction heroes like Dr Who."

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Kids' Book Capers, Dee White:

"Gamers’ Challenge has everything – dragons and knights (the sort of players you’d expect to find in a quest), and even zombies and unicorns. ... [It] offers another thrilling ride for readers. It’s fast and fun and full of the same complex detail, and twists and turns that kids enjoy in a computer game. ... Readers who enjoyed Gamers’ Quest will love Gamers’ Challenge and the new action-packed adventures of Tark and Zyra."

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Gamers' Quest


Geek Base:

"It really does connect gaming and reading in a way that no other story has done before. If you play a lot of games but don’t do nearly enough reading, then this is the book for you!"

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Web Wombat:

"This would be a good book for a young person who you may consider to be too close to computer gaming and who may benefit from having their imagination channeled elsewhere."

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"As soon as I finished reading this, I wanted to grab the first young person and give them this book! The story is so fast paced, interesting and exciting that it took me only one sitting to finish it. I can see reluctant readers, especially middle-grade boys loving this. Being about computer games, virtual worlds, battles and as the title suggests - quests - I can see them tuning into it with the same effect that Matthew Rilley's books have on adults."

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Interstellar Ramjet Scoop #253, April 2010 – Review by Bill Wright:

"The action is fast and furious with enough blood and grappling with unspeakable opponents to sate any teen's ghoulish proclivities. But the overall plot and point of it all are more complex than a simple slimy narrative can encompass. Gamers' Quest twists and turns as fantasy and reality coalesce then diverge into new states of being. The only constant is friendship between Tark and Zyra that continues until an entirely predicable but, to me, totally surprising conclusion. Kids will love it. So also will adults..."


Around The Bookshops NZ, May 2010 – Review by Barbara Murison:

"Players of computer games often want to enter the world unfolding in front of them on the screen but what would happen if the computer images had the same feeling about our 'real' world? This is non-stop action in a story that is a cross between a computer game and Dungeons and Dragons with much over-the-top humour."


Melbourne Science Fiction Club – Review by Ian A. Chapman:

"I found Gamers' Quest quite tense and appreciated the various worlds and environments through which they travelled; the humour mixed through the chapters carried the story and my interest, plus the twist on clichés worked splendidly."


Viewpoint, Vol.18, No.1 – Review by Eddie la Marca:

"Gamers' Quest deals with complex themes, including the nature of an existence, purpose, identity, equality, and reality. Fortunately, these themes are not brutishly shoved in the reader's face ...
Gamers' Quest doesn't muck about with metaphors and junk, it gets right to the point, often with violence along the way. It would make a good movie too..."


Inside A Dog – Mini-review by Tom-Tom, age 13:

"The best thing about this book is the action and adventure. It was almost as good as playing a video game."

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Australian Women Online – Tania McCartney :

"Ivanoff manages to combine action with an extremely clever plotline that will have readers guessing ‘til the end. His story may be awash with rotting sewers and echoing and cavernous scenes of grunge and metal, but a nice meandering ribbon of romance brings unexpected emotion to the story, rounding things out into a well-crafted book both teens and adults will enjoy."

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ReadPlus – Donella Reed:

"With a fast-paced plot and some interesting twists, this is an enjoyable book ... Students with an interest in gaming and alternate realities will be very excited about this book"

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KidsLife – mini-review:

"The plot will keep readers 11+ engrossed to the end."

Read the full review... – Claire Saxby:

"Gamers' Quest moves at breakneck speed from challenge to reward, from one world to another. Pitched squarely at readers who are computer-skilled, and game fans, it is a wild adventure. Recommended for upper primary to early secondary readers."

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MC Reviews Website – Marion J Lawie:

"This is a ripping futuristic adventure yarn with a high page turning quality ...
Ivanoff has managed to come up with original spins on what you would expect to find, from dragons and magic swords to the ghost in the machine. And it really isn’t easy to guess how each sticky situation will be resolved, or to know whether new characters are going to help or hinder Tark and Zyra on their quest."

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Boomerang Blog – William Kostakis, author of Loathing Lola:

"George really did capture the sensation of being inside a video game. There isn’t an air of ”older person writing for young people” about the whole thing, which is great, because us young’uns, especially us cynical gamer young’uns, can smell a fake a mile off. Gamers’ Quest passed my test with flying colours..."

William's mini-review appears at the end of George Ivanoff's guest blog.
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YARA Older Readers Website – Review by Josh, age 11:

"This adventurous book is full of twists and I recommend it for readers aged 11 and over. I give it 8 out of 10 because it is fast, fun and unpredictable with a thrilling plot, characters and events."

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Hey! Teenager of the Year – Reading and writing blog by Steph Bowe:

"Gamers' Quest is a really cool sci-fi/fantasy novel that I think will appeal especially to teenagers who enjoy reading fantasy, playing videogames and are intrigued by concepts of reality & identity. This novel certainly contains a lot of action and adventure, and challenges ideas about reality & virtual worlds in videogaming. I think it'll appeal to girls as well as boys (Zyra is a pretty awesome character), and anyone 10 & up can read it."

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Buzz Words (#70, 15 Oct 2009) – review by Jenny Mounfield:

"Ivanoff has managed to raise some of the most intriguing and essential questions about what it means to be human while delivering a thrilling adventure story that resonates on many levels. ... Gamers’ Quest has all the makings of a cult classic. Highly recommended for its enjoyment value alone, this book would be a powerful tool in a classroom environment, sparking all manner of thought-provoking debates."

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MS Found in a Shoebox – Writer's Blog, Narrelle M. Harris (author of The Opposite of Life):

"Gamers' Quest is a zippingly entertaining YA novel. ... The main thing I enjoyed about this book was the characterisation of Tark and Zyra. It would be so easy to make them 2D people in their constructed world, but there is an energy and sweetness to them and their relationship which I found charming."

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The Great Raven – Book review and science fiction blog:

"A good introduction to speculative fiction for younger readers, this one is non-stop action with a light touch. There is a lot of delightful over-the-top silliness – you wouldn’t for example, want to be a mage in this world, where you can end up a toad if your spell bounces back at you. The story is a cross between a computer game and Dungeons and Dragons, with a touch of Westworld."

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