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Continuum 6 – 26-28 February 2010

Continuum is an annual speculative fiction convention held in Melbourne. As of 2009 these conventions began to host the Chronos awards, honoring Victorian writers and artists for achievements in speculative fiction. In 2010, Continuum 6 hosted the second annual Chronos Awards.

Gamers' Quest won the Chronos Award for short fiction. The division between short and long fiction is 40,000 words, so although Gamers' Quest is a book, it is only 35,000 and therefore in the short fiction category.

The Chronos Awards ceremony was held on the Friday evening of the convention and was followed by a Ford Street Publishing event. Publisher Paul Collins introduced four of Ford Street's authors — Sean McMullen, Sue Bursztynski, George Ivanoff and Foz Meadows — after which, author Lucy Sussex launched the latest Ford Street book, Solace & Grief by Foz Meadows. The event concluded with a book signing.

George Ivanoff with Chronos Award.

George Ivanoff and Foz Meadows at the signing table.

Photos of George Ivanoff by Catriona Sparks: