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Gamers' ChallengeBook 2
Gamers' Challenge

For Tark and Zyra, life was literally just a game, controlled by the all-powerful Designers. But then they broke the rules and life got a whole lot more complicated ... and deadly. Pursued by a powerful computer virus they must locate the Ultimate Gamer with the help of some unexpected allies, and face their greatest challenge — finding a way out of the game ...

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing (distributed by Macmillan Distribution Servicves)
ISBN: 9781921665516
RRP: $16.95

Gamers' Challenge is available in Australian bookshops. If your local bookshop doesn't have any in stock, get them to order copies.

You can also purchase copies online from, amongst other places, Boomerang Books, Fishpond, or Ford Street Publishing.


Below, you can find out about some of the characters from the novel, as well as reading a few short excerpts.



Tark is a 16-year-old thief. Since the events in Gamers' Quest, he now knows that he is trapped within an elaborate game... and he wants out. Teaming up with the mysterious Outers, he finds himself pitted against a ravenous computer virus.

Read an excerpt from the novel.



Zyra is a 16-year-old thief with a red mohawk and numerous piercings. Like Tark, she now knows that she is trapped within an elaborate game... and she too, wants out. She sets off on a mission to locate the mythical Ultimate Gamer, the only entity within the game able to show them the way out.

Read an excerpt from the novel.



Tee is the leader of the mysterious Outers – people who no longer play the game in which they are trapped. He has a strange connection to Tark and Zyra, and is determined to find a way out of the game.

Read an excerpt from the novel.



Hope is one of the mysterious Outers, and daughter of Tee. She teams up with Zyra to try and find the mythical Ultimate Gamer.

Read an excerpt from the novel.


The Computer Virus

The Computer Virus is not what it appears to be. It has been waiting for a long time, building up its power, and is now ready to devour everything.

Read an excerpt from the novel.



But who is the Ultimate Gamer? And is there really a way out of the game?

Read the novel to find out.