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Gamers' Quest – Zyra

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 3: Zyra.


Zyra watched from the bushes as a perimeter drone whizzed by, microwaves scorching the ground below it. A low-swooping swallow burst into flame as it passed below the grey, flying, metal box.

‘Stupid bird!’ whispered Zyra, as she noted that it had been exactly three minutes and four seconds since the drone last passed.

Zyra wore gloves, boots and a neck-to-ankle, plastialloy, microfibre jumpsuit. A balaclava with mirrored lenses completed the ensemble. It wouldn’t do much to stop a bullet, but it was perfect protection from the razor-sharp leaves that surrounded her. These fancy houses on the Hill had all manner of weird security, but razor bushes were easy enough to get through if wearing the right clothing. And Zyra prided herself on always wearing the right outfit for the occasion.

She peered up at the perimeter wall through the leaves. It was a metre in from the surrounding bushes and looked like traditional bluestone. The sort of wall you’d find surrounding a prison or an orphanage. But in her line of work, Zyra knew never to simply accept the obvious. That’s why she was taking the time to reconnoitre the property before planning the break-in. For all she knew, the wall could be encased in an electro-static barrier, or criss-crossed with invisible laser beams, or even –

Not a real bluestone wall at all!

As Zyra watched, a portion of the wall shimmered.

Damn! she thought. Some beggar’s workin’ me turf.